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Imagine, what would life be like if you could perform at 100% of your potential, every single day?

With professional coaching from our accredited coaches, you now can! Live life to its fullest, achieve your goals and be the person you have always wanted to be. Take your personal life and professional career to the next level with Executive Coach International.

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About Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Take control of your destiny. Gain clarity in life and explore your full potential. This is where it all begins.

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About Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Gain your competitive edge! Accelerate your career and build dynamic organisations with Executive Coaching.

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Be A Coach

Set yourself on the path to becoming a professionally certified coach in our 6-month Professional Coach Training Program (PCTP).

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About ECI

Executive Coach International (ECI) is one of the largest and most successful professional coaching organizations in the Asia Pacific region that focuses on transforming human potential into tangible, lasting results.

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Personal development: 5 reasons to invest in YOU

You are your most important asset in life. Taking ownership of your own development and growth brings untold benefits – not only enabling you to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive marketplace, but more importantly, maximising the quality, richness, and beauty of your life.

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How To Do What You Love

If you Google the phrase, “do what you love”, you would get a million hits. The views are split down the middle, into two camps – (1) the staunch believers who say, YES ABSOLUTELY DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND NEVER SETTLE (this includes technopreneur Steve Jobs and philosopher Alan Watts), and (2) the pragmatists who say ‘do what you love’ is fluffy advice – bite the bullet and go work hard at something until you’re good enough to be passionate about it.

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